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Welcome to the "Before It Is Too Late, Podcast Broadcast",  dedicated towards eliminating the barriers, which seriously impedes the development of sound policies, designed to encourage and improve the productivity and living standards for all Black Americans.

Before It Is Too Late, Inc. is an independent, non-partisan, multi issue, research and educational podcast show. The show grew out of the conviction that past and present challenges have critically occurred and are mounting which impede the positive social, political and economical growth of Black Americans.

The show originated out of the conviction that present challenges are rapidly and critically increasing which harrowingly impede the positive social, political and economical growth and advancement of Black Americans.

Our critical objectives are to empower People of Color through provocative discussions and positive thoughts, practices and procedures. Each podcast broadcast episode is designed to successfully empower individuals via the introduction of timely, truthful, and profound storytelling and insightful discussions. 

We strongly believe that our goals can be achieved via the utilization of comprehensive research, empirical analysis, and the formation of invaluable relationships and partnerships. 

Before It Is Too Late Podcast Show - Episode # 1

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Welcome to the “Before It Is Too Late” Podcast Show. We are committed towards being truthfully informative and highly relevant. 

Here you will find thought-provoking podcast broadcast episodes which reveals time sensitive information and topics designed to peak your interest and keep you informed regarding current issues and events.

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