Life Coaching


Life Coaching” is about having someone to support and believe and encourage you to do better and greater things. As a Life Coach I am tasked to position clients to realize new perspectives and setting new goals and objectives; as well as, identifying and employing tested problem solving solutions.

Life Coaching is a process that takes time and requires dedication and support. Making lifestyle changes is quite challenging, especially when you want to transform multiple things at once. 

In the end, Life Coaching will assist you to envision and appreciate your personal evolutionary transformation and elevate your life from doing okay, to GREAT!

Before It Is Too Late, Inc. is interested in meeting these challenges, via the introduction of its personal one on one sessions, entitled “Frank Discussions”.

Life Coaching Goals

  • To capture and employ the full potential of current opportunities and human resources. 
  • To create innovative strategies which formulates “Problem-Oriented” resolutions which  institutes empowering educational initiatives; and effective self-sufficiency policies and practices. 

Benefits of a Life Coach

  • Focused and clear vision of what you want and where you want to be
  • Designed specialized goals and objective measurable action plans
  • Continual positive support
  • Improved self awareness 
  • Greater focus