About Us

Commitment Towards Excellence


  Formed in 2019, Before It Is Too Late, Inc. is an independent, non-partisan, multi‑issue, nonprofit, research and educational social service provider organization.

Mission Statement & Organizational Goals & Philosophy


Before It Is Too Late Inc.” is dedicated to protect the health, educational, social, political, and economic rights and advancements of Black Americans; via educational research, dissemination of information and creation and mobilization of programs, which promotes vision, self respect, self-sufficiency and constructive solutions to devastating situations.

Our Founder


Douglas Manning is the founder of “Before It Is Too Late, Inc.” Douglas believes that, imagination, promise and dedication are the essentials of all human progress and advancement. 

He has spent his entire career on demonstrating the power of creative thinking and utilizing inventive approaches to defeat adversity, overthrow discrimination, and achieve the highest levels of personal advancement and achievement.



 The organization grew out of the conviction that present and critical challenges have occurred and are mounting which impede the positive growth, of People of Color in the following areas:

· Human Development

· Parenting & Relationships

· Health

· Business & Economic Development

· Education

· Social Justice

Our critical objectives are to create, manage, administer effective policies and procedures designed to achieve effectual change in the areas of poor health, increasing incarceration rates, ineffective education programs, deprived housing and employment conditions; as well as bigotry and discrimination. 

Our organization is unwavering committed towards improving the lives of Black Americans. We believe that we accomplish this via the introduction, administration, management and marketing of the following modules:

· Organizational Website

· Organizational Facebook Page

· Podcast Broadcast

· Life Coaching 

· Motivational Speaking 


Organizational Goals

To realize and capture the full potential of America’s opportunities and human resources. 

To create inter-related strategies which focus on “Problem-Oriented” resolutions, empowering education    initiatives; and effective self-sufficiency policies and practices.

To advance the design and implementation of effective policies and procedures; to reduce the effects of poverty, poor parenting skills and the high incarceration and death rate of young Black Americans. 


To fully utilize all of our resources to fully investigate the means to increase employment and business opportunities; as well as identify ways to remedy the catastrophic generational effects of poverty, deplorable health care and educational standards.



Our organization’s philosophy is guided by a set of core beliefs, which are as follows:

We believe that People of Color have made extreme sacrifices towards the historical and social, political and economical development and advancement of the United States.

We understand that racism and discrimination has been and is a major determinant towards the advancement of citizens of the United Stated, especially People of Color.

We recognize that currently, America is periled by increasing acts of discrimination, bigotry, racial and class inequalities. If decisive changes are to be achieved, our organization is exceedingly willing to work with individuals, groups, businesses, churches, agencies and organizations, towards developing comprehensive and effective strategies and practices.



Born in New York City, Douglas's personal journey has been described as non-traditional. At a young age,Douglas was exposed to vast demonstrations of unfairness and despair. From these experiences Douglas made a personal promise and commitment to do his part to make the world a better place.  

While completing undergraduate school requirements, Douglas was graced with a wondrous opportunity to work with one of the nation's perennial community development corporations. There he became further dedicated towards identifying ways to address the levels of poverty and impoverishment, which ran rampant throughout many of the city’s communities; and more importantly, he learned the fundamentals of community revitalization and development, and the grass roots of how local government services and programs are administered.

Upon graduation, from undergraduate school, Douglas pursued his education by securing a Masters Degree in Urban Planning and Political Science. His education achievements and experience in the non-profit arena laid the foundation for him to serve and hold numerous executive director and board member positions for numerous non-profit community development corporations. 

To further remove impediments that prohibited him in serving individuals in a higher capacity. Douglas combined his personal and education experiences and secured certifications as a “Life Coach” and a “Motivational Speaker".